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Client Stories

Over the years we have worked with our clients to help them realise their dreams. Through the highs and lows, we have been there to help make sound decisions as life unfolds.


Read about some examples of our work.


David is approaching age 60 and needs help with a pension that matures in a few months. We discover that despite his plans to work for 3 more years to save an extra £100,000 before he retires, he could actually afford to retire now, and remain financially secure for the rest of his and Jan's lives. Given this knowledge, will David continue working, or retire early to spend more time with his family?


John is age 60 and has decided to retire early from a successful 35 year career. However, rather than living a life of relaxation, he would like to start a new business. He wants to be able to draw some income whilst the business gets established, and be able to reduce or stop the income if the business takes off.


Paul is age 45 and earns over £100,000. He has paid off his mortgage and is now thinking about retirement. His goal is to retire in 10 years, but he doesn't know if this is feasible. He would like to find our what he can do to make his dream a reality, but to keep things flexible in case his plans change.

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