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Our Approach

We know our approach to financial planning is different. So if you have ever worked with an adviser in the past, you may be more accustomed to the conversation being concentrated on your portfolio, how much it's gone up or down this year, whether to switch this fund to that fund, or move from this provider to that provider.

Whilst all of this is important, it's hardly life changing, and it's definitely not inspiring. It's just a part of what happens behind the scenes, with your permission of course, to help ensure you are making the most of your resources as you'd expect.

When we begin our conversations, we want to focus on you. How you got here, and where you want to get to. The things you want to achieve in life. What the possibilities are. The things that are really important to you.

Of course, we will also want to know about your assets, pensions and investments and other policies you've picked up along the way, but we can't possibly advise you about these, or recommend any solutions, until we truly understand what's important to you.

To us, that's true financial planning.

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