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Don't plan for a great life, start living it today

Financial advice has long been about planning for the future, often aiming for one single event; retirement.

Focussing on your savings, your investments, your pensions, and working out how much income you’ll have to live on when you retire. This is often what people expect from us when they first get in touch.

To us, whilst this may be a helpful question to answer it is very one-dimensional. Financial Planning isn’t just about planning for one single day when you stop working. It’s creating a vision of the life you want to lead. It’s identifying what is important to you. It’s figuring out the things you absolutely don’t want to miss. It's having a back-up if things don't play out as you expect. It's anticipating the big events and life transitions that will come your way. It’s helping you use all of your resources to achieve this great life.

Yet this great life need not be some distant dream; start living the life you want to lead now. After all, precious time is running out; and as far as we can tell, time seems to pass by more quickly as you get older!

Start working that shorter work week, get your own business or consultancy off the ground, enrol on that course to learn the skill you’ve always wanted to have, enter for that sports event and really push yourself to achieve.

Or simply book the relaxing cruise and see the world you’ve always dreamt of. Whatever it is, let's turn those possibilities into realities before it's too late. Let’s plan together to see how we can make it happen.

If this resonates with you and you're looking for a planner that does more than just a review of your pension once a year, get in touch.

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