The State Pension is a great benefit that most people qualify for in some way, and it can make an enormous different to lifestyle in retirement. Yet due to the numerous rule changes over the years, many people would agree it is exceedingly complicated.

My recommendation is to obtain a personal State Pension forecast to find out what you will be entitled to. You can do this here. As the State Pension age is being increased, the forecast will also confirm when it is due to commence.

The number of years required to reach the maximum State Pension has also changed over the years. Until 2010, men needed 44 years to receive the maximum, and wome...

There are many reasons why people who could retire are hesitant to do so. Some people think they need to wait until they’re 65 or older. Some are worried about running out of money. Many parents want to keep supporting their children through some major life transition, like university, marriage, or buying a first home.

Maybe the most common reason we see for a retirement delay is individuals who just can’t imagine their lives without work. That’s understandable. A routine that’s sustained you and your family for 30 or 40 years can be a hard routine to shake.

But retirement doesn’t have to be all or nothing right away; many people these days will graduall...

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